How much money does a man require?

Is money the key to happiness?

Ever since we were kids, we have been told by our elders, to study hard and diligently. They stressed the importance of getting a job, earning money and being successful in life.

Waking up early at dawn, with sleep in our eyes and a brush in our hand, trying to shut off the sleep, was a daunting task. My brother needed an extra scolding from dad to wake up. Little could he do, a mere 3-year-old being asked to wake up at 5 in the morning was like a torture for him. I was always the good elder child, who wilfully went to school.

And then we were stacked up in that yellow school bus like boxes and containers, right behind the driver’s seat. We were the first to board it, so there was considerable peace until some crying brats were forcefully pushed inside the bus by their parents. These kids had no intention of leaving their comfortable homes and cosy blankets to go to school, but it was their damn parents who forced them to go.

Poor kids! I always felt sorry for them, but never cared enough to go and comfort them.

Then, the bus drove off and their shrieks and screams went up higher and higher. After exhausting their little energy from all this sobbing for 15 minutes, they conclude that their victim play won’t work. Still, they look around at the driver’s face, in the hope that he’ll drop them back. Finally, they give up as we reach school.

So, all these years of schooling is done so we could be able to get a job and start earning money. Yes, money is important in life. We need it to fulfil the basic needs i.e, food, shelter and clothing. Yes, it is the key to happiness.

Consider a scenario that you have a well-paying job. You make good money, you have plans for your retirement. But still, you feel unfulfilled. I mean, if we go by what our parents say, we should be happy and well-settled in our life with a nice job. So, what else do we need?

We need purpose. This is where spirituality comes in. Believe me or not, it affects our life. Earning money isn’t the sole purpose of our life. Money is just a material, it can provide you with happiness and can fulfil your basic needs. But, it shouldn’t be the only reason why you live.

So yeah, earn money, but also try to find yourself. Try to find why you exist. And do what makes you feel happy, content and fulfilled. That, in my view, is wholeness, totality and satisfaction in the truest sense.

Published by Navneet Kaur

Always a learner.

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